Hill Photography Co.

Client Testimonials

Some additional context may be needed... 

"If we were doing it the right way, it would not be this." - David C. / Miller Brooks 

"I cannot look at any of Steve’s photos and tell you conclusively what service is being provided in them." - Evan F. / Miller Brooks  

"It looks fine, we're never going to use this shot anyway." - Sarah B. / Formula Boats 

"We could have sent anyone on this shoot." - Jared P. / CVR 

"The first shot was good, but it was downhill after that." - Theresa G. / Element Three 

"These images don't suck as much as I thought they were going to." - Theresa G. / Element Three 

"I'm just looking around trying to see what you're going to break next." - Cy W. / Element Three 

"This ain’t the worst thing I have ever seen." - Joe B. / Well Done Marketing 

"You are one pathetic loser." - Michael T. / Miller Brooks 

"This doesn’t feel like the worst shoot I’ve ever been on... Yet." - Christian M. / The Basement 

"The P.O. you keep harassing me for is attached." - Jared P. / CVR 

"That shot is a pet peeve of mine." - Robert B. / Lands' End 

"These shots are too fucking perfect. I hate perfection" - Chad A. / Belle Tire 

"Go ahead and book other jobs if they're coming in." - Alexander S. / Point To Point 

"FML. Don't mess up my equipment lists for the government" - Sarah B. / Formula Boats 

"We'll talk." - Matt G. / CVR 

"Not as cluster-f#@%y." - Uriaha F. / The Basement 

"This has been a pain." - Tonya H. / Formula Boats 

"Just push the button, Monkey." - Francois - 360 Group 

"The photos look almost professional." - Sylvia H. / My mom